Equinox Egg Trick


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January 24, 2014:
See Snopes.com to find out about balancing things on the equinox, and stay there for a few days to find out that everything you've been spouting off for your whole life is pretty much a myth.


Vegan Equinox Fun:

What can vegans do for the equinox? The same thing they do everyday: go around feeling superior and making stupid comments about not using animal products, about beaks being cut off, and about the poor chickens.

Can you balance eggs on the equinox?

Popular pasttime once common in science classes until challenged.

The idea that you can balance eggs on the equinox has been classified as a myth, but only in the sense that you can balance eggs on every other day of the year as well, so the equinox is nothing special. Other people claim that they can balance brooms, bowling balls, or other objects on the first day of spring or the first day of fall, but unfortunately it is also true that these items can be balanced on any other day of the year as well. This is a good thing, because if the equinox had the power to balance eggs, the same effect would rip buildings out of the ground and tilt trees while it pulled rocks off mountains twice a year. If eggs balanced exclusively on the equinox, that would mean that everything would be pulled at a 90 degree angle on the solstice.

The idea that eggs can be balanced on the equinox goes back to China. Before being classified as a myth, many school science classes would dedicate time to balancing eggs, though some would use the trick of adding salt under the egg in order to hold it steady.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: At least we still don't go around sacrificing people on the equinox, so an egg trick isn't a bad practice after all.