Spring Equinox


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March 10, 2014:
March 20 is 2014's Spring Equinox Date.


Winter to Spring:

After a bitterly cold winter, people are looking forward to spring and all the flooding and wildfires it brings.

Spring Equinox is why sun is shining in your eyes while you drive

Many cultures celebrate Spring Equinox

Spring EquinoxMany people are noticing the 2014 Spring Equinox as they drive East in the Morning, or West in the Evening, and are getting blinded by the sun. In the past, the Vernal Equinox was a time of rebirth. As the first day of Spring, the equinox has been observed through the placement of standing stones such as Stonehenge. Around the world, many people celebrate the equinox with festivals heralding warmer weather, which was a lot more essential in agrarian societies which needed a signal for the best time to start planting crops. In Persia, the new year was celebrated on the equinox, and today in modern Iran there are still celebrations of the equinox as a result.

In parts of the world where people have been experiencing more night than day for the previous six months, the Spring Equinox is undoubtedly an excuse for a good party, esecially considering that for thousands of years people lived in dwellings where the winter cold was hard to avoid. Most people had poor indoor heating owing to the fact that fireplace chimneys were not well developed until after the middle ages, so they got to spend their time hanging out in the dark and cold for half the year, eating what was left of their stored crops. Spring represented new growth, a little fresh food, more light, and more warmth, and probably a lot less of the seasonal affective disorder that makes life with your extended family a challenge. So long as you are not the one getting sacrificed to the local wicker man, the spring equinox probably represented a good time.

What will Spring Equinox 2014 bring us? Your oracle could augur up some vague predictions like problems in the East, revelations of government abuse and mismanagement, and earthquakes in diverse places. However, those things happen all the time. Whatever party is in charge, the in-power partisans will justify the most flagrant intrustions into personal liberty and privacy, while the hopeful usurpers magnify the smallest transgressions. They all work for the same master, and it isn't you, which is something of a sad statement for one of the two days every year that the scales are expected to tip back toward a very temporary balance.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Some people will say that strange things can happen on the equinox, but really strange things can happen any day of the year. Whatever you do, don't let the folks on Summerisle trick you into going on a Fool's Errand, especially if they've had a bad harvest the year before and have built a giant Wicker Man on the side of a hill.